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Have you, or someone you know, been told “nothing can be done” to improve your vision? Don’t believe it!

Conditions We Treat

Complex medical conditions that adversely affect your vision can be treated successfully!

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It has been our privilege to provide low vision and vision rehabilitation care in middle Tennessee since 1974.

Where people come first

We are here to help make your life better through vision improvement.

The Latest Technology

Significant improvements in technology have been made, including aids invented by Dr. Politzer.

Always there to care.

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Patient Success Stories

I would like to thank Dr. Politzer and his great staff for giving me the ability to see things that I have never seen before. The new technology is great and now I can see. Thank you for giving me my sight and life back.




My eye exercises have really helped me. My eyes are stronger and I have less fatigue. I can now read without skipping or rereading words.